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We are dedicated to restoring lost identities & repairing broken lives by raising awarness and providing support to individuals affected by sexual violence. 


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“Seeing the young girls, the hurt, watching a young girl try to find a treatment facility that would take her with her insurance. It was harder for her to get help than for me to find someone to help with my cancer.” Read more about how we got our start and how far we have come in helping to spread education and support for those survivors of sexual violence. 

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Recycling Drop-Off

You can drop off your recycleables at our drop-off location with Iron & Metals Inc.

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We don't want victims to just survive, we want them to thrive.

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One Can at a Time

There are a lot of simple ways for you to get involved in recycling your daily goods and raising awareness of sexual violence.  By setting up collection points throughout your city, you can be a part of change that really makes a difference in the lives of children here in the US. 

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We're dedicated to helping survivors of all types of sexual violence and the traumatic effects that follow.

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