Survivor Stories

Supporting survivors in our partners programs is the major goal of our fundraising. Starting small, we’ve been able to grow our total donations to over $50,000 in a few short years. You can learn more about our partner organizations here and read testimonials from the survivors we’ve supported below.



Thank you Miss Barb & Cans for Hope

I am a new creation. I will not forget this precious gift you have chosen to bless me with.  I am awestruck at the love of God that my eyes are now opened up to. This graduation ring [Cans for Hope purchased] will be a constant reminder that I am chosen and highly blessed. I have decided to wear this ring on my index finger, so everytime I see this blessing on that finger I will use it a s a reminder of all I was rescued from and point others to Jesus, the only one who can snatch us from the power of the enemy we become enslaved to.

Thank you so much, this means so much that I do not know how to express it.  It is a God given blessing I will Cherish forever.

With Jesus Christ love,


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Dear Barb,

I am a current resident at Mercy Ministries. I can’t even begin to tell you how much being here is changing my life. I am so thankful for all of your generous support! I am so grateful for this opportunity to have the chance to be in such a wonderful environment to pursue my healing and embrace my future.

Since I’ve been at Mercy, God has just been pouring out His love on me and really changing my mind and heart.

After I graduate from Mercy, I hope to attend Bible College and pursue a career in ministry.

Once more, thank you so much for your generosity! You have made a lasting impact on my life!