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CFH: Our Values

We’ve been doing some internal planning to relaunch our organization with a new logo, new messaging, and new website.  In going through some of our messaging exercises we realized that Cans For Hope holds certain values that while shared through our actions, we had never really written them out.

Now that we have, it creates another layer of inspiration to fuel our passion and bring the community together around our shared mission.

Read them for yourself.  We dare you not to be inspired!

CANS FOR HOPE was created to help survivors of sexual violence with restoring hope and reclaiming their lives.

CANS FOR HOPE sees the value of recycling as both a way to show community stewardship and as metaphor for the transformation following traumatic experiences. 

CANS FOR HOPE values survivor voices as one of the strongest tools to share the solution of prevention, awareness and education.

CANS FOR HOPE works to prevent sexual violence by engaging both men and women.

CANS FOR HOPE knows that abuse and violence know no age and understands that each individual has their own unique journey towards restoration.

CANS FOR HOPE was built on inclusiveness to all communities regardless of biological sex, gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual preference, ability, religion, creed, etc.

CANS FOR HOPE is not just for survivors. It is for everyone, though many survivors find healing by turning their trauma into action.

CANS FOR HOPE believes that all members in the community have a stake in ending sexual violence.

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