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Crisis Aid launches WINGS of Love & Care

Since May 7, 2009 CFH has had the honor to partner with Crisis Aid International. We are so thankful for all that they are doing to protect the youth in St. Louis. Our youth is our future!!!  From Crisis Aid:

We are thrilled to announce WINGS of Love & Care our inner city ministry located near Jefferson & Arsenal streets in south St. Louis City. “WINGS” represents the programs that share the love and care of God, as well as the heartbeat of Crisis Aid’s mission of helping the helpless. 

Over the years many have asked, “When will Crisis Aid begin an outreach to families in need in St. Louis where we can get involved?” Well, that time is now!

There are so many things we cannot control in #STL, but keeping children from going hungry and providing educational assistance is attainable!

Learn more about the Vision of WINGS of Love & Care and volunteer opportunities at 

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