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Guest Blog: When A Jumping Penguin Finds Serenity

By: Alexandra Schumacher

I would like to dedicate this blog post to an amazing organization that is changing lives – Cans for Hope (CFH).  “Cans for Hope was created to help survivors of sexual violence with restoring hope and reclaiming their lives.”  This is one of the important core values of the organization and stands out to me in particular because the focus is on restoration and re-claiming a person’s stolen identity.  Last weekend was the 3rd annual Cans for Hope Breakfast and the message although deep was simple:  everyone can reclaim their identity and thrive.  When someone loses their identity by means of abuse or bullying, they go searching for what has been taken from them through drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, self-harm, etc etc…the list could be never ending.  This causes people to lose themselves even more and recovery doesn’t come easy.  Not only is recovering from these things difficult, but trying to find yourself in addition to recovery can be absolutely overwhelming.  Many people think that if you are recovered or if you are a survivor of some abuse that you have found peace.  Some organizations stop here, but not CFH.  CHF is relentless in the belief that everyone can recover and then go on to thrive in life.  I have watched this organization grow from just an idea into fruition and I am so proud of where it is today.  I can relate so much to this organization because I strive to be more than just recovered from the eating disorder.  From my experience with an eating disorder and with self-injury, I know there is more to recovery than just quitting the behaviors.  You have to change the thoughts, you need to find serenity within your life.  You have to work hard and you need people on your side fighting for you.  There are far too many things in our society trying to “steal” our identity today.  But there is also hope.  Thank you CFH for understanding that everyone is a unique individual who deserves to live a life of serenity and thrive!  If you want to learn more and support Cans for Hope please visit, or follow them on twitter and like them on facebook!

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