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Founder & Executive Director

Before Barb Murphy heard about the epidemic of sexual trafficking and before she ever thought about recycling cans to help end it, she heard the cries for help of young women who struggled with eating disorders and “cutting.” After struggling with bulimia for decades herself, Barb remembers, “All the sudden I realized I needed help. I was a mess.” Then she heard about an eating disorder support group at a local church. “I went there on a Friday night, and that’s when I got to start hanging out with people who were going through what I was going through.” 

“That’s where the passion for Cans for Hope really started,” Barb says. “Seeing the young girls, the hurt, watching a young girl try to find a treatment facility that would take her with her insurance. It was harder for her to get help than for me to find someone to help with my cancer.”

“I would see young girls covered in scars from cutting. For five years, every Friday night, I saw them. A big percentage of women today that struggle with eating disorders and cutting, it’s due to sexual abuse.”

As a survivor of sexual abuse, Barb now lives and breathes passion for raising awareness about sexual abuse and trafficking in the United States and around the world, and for drastically changing the way victims and survivors of sex trafficking are perceived and treated. She expresses her passion by donating the funds she raises through her recycling efforts to proven organizations that provide hope and healing to survivors in desperate need. Barb also shares her story and raises funds to build safe homes through talks at churches, women’s groups, support groups and businesses, locally in Colorado and around the country.

To meet Barb and listen to her talk is to encounter hope and to hear a prophetic voice calling us to right a situation that is very wrong. As she has said, “There are kids right know who are being kidnapped and trafficked [in the United States]…They deserve a lot better than what we’re willing to do for them right now.”

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  • October: Barb promised teenager in her Eating Disorder Group that she would start a nonprofit.
  • November: First major can pickup was on a Saturday at an all day band competition at Legacy High School.
  • December: Organization was named “Cans For Hope”. After brainstorming names and ideas on yellow sticky notes, we choose “Cans For Hope: Recycling Lives One Can at a Time.”


  • February: First official Board Meeting.
  • June: We took in our first load of cans, 495.5 lbs.
  • October: Started our financial partnership with Mercy Ministries and International Crisis Aid. Each organization would receive $50.00 on the 4th of each month.
  • October: We took our first load of cans to Iron & Metals Inc. 620 lbs. This was the day of “small beginnings” with an AMAZING Family Owned & Operated Company.
  • November: First Speaking Engagement at Majestic Oaks Church.


  • May: CFH increases their financial support from $50.00 per month to $175.00. We officially started to participate in the “Sponsor a Girl” program at Mercy Ministries.
  • December: Financial Support YTD $4975.00, which included $1500.00 to a local organization, Street’s Hope.


  • October: First Annual Cans For Hope Sunday at Highway Community Church. Keynote Speaker: Mercy Ministries Graduate, Tara Knott.
  • December: Year’s Total: Financial Support $9872.00.


  • March: Plans kicked off for our first fundraiser, named later that month “Breakfast for Hope.”
  • October: First Annual “Breakfast For Hope” is a huge success. Held at the Lakeshore in Broomfield, CO.  Pat Bradley from International Crisis Aid was our Keynote Speaker.
  • October: Second Annual Cans For Hope Sunday at High Way Community Church, with Pat Bradley as our Keynote Speaker.
  • December: Financial Support YTD $11, 686.19.


  • October: Second Annual “Breakfast for Hope” with local Mercy Ministries Graduate Katlyn Von Muenster as our Keynote Speaker. First Annual Cans For Hope Serenity Award presented to Alex Schumacher.
  • October: Third Annual Cans For Hope Sunday at High Way Community Church with local Mercy Ministries Graduate Katlyn Von Muenster as our Keynote Speaker.
  • December: Financial Support YTD $11,220.80.


  • August: New logo and branding designed.
  • October: Third Annual “Breakfast for Hope” with local survivor Alexandra Hogg as our Keynote Speaker. Second Annual Cans For Hope Serenity Award presented to Mike Cohen, President of Iron & Metals.
  • October: Fourth Annual Cans For Hope Sunday at High Way Community Church with local survivor Alexandra Hogg as our Keynote Speaker.
  • December: Financial Support YTD $14,538.


  • January: Barb spoke at Hulstrom K-8 and kicked-off a monthly can drive.
  • February: New Website Launched
  • April 13th: Barb spoke at Standing Against Trafficking at Bear Valley Church in Lakewood, Co. Sharing the effects of IDENTITY THEFT and also the need for homes in Colorado for those rescued out of sex trafficking.
  • April 30th: Barb and a Guest Speaker spoke High SchoolStudents at Colorado Uplift in Denver, Co. Sharing the effects of IDENTITY THEFT and also the need for homes in Colorado for those rescued out of sex trafficking.
  • July 8th: Because of YOU our partners, Barb Murphy spoke  at The Refuge, a Safe Home for women rescued out of Sex Trafficking in St. Louis, Mo. We partner with Crisis Aid to insure this home stays open.
  • July 9th:  Barb spoke with the youth in the inner city of St. Louis at Love and Wings Youth Center. Another amazing program done by Crisis Aid.
  • July 10th: Barb Spoke with over 100 adults at Love and Wings Church Service. Amazing experience, THANK YOU PARTNERS!!
  • August: Barb met with the Child & Youth Program Coordinator, Colorado National Guard to work on a anti-bullying movement. 
  • October: Fourth Annual “Breakfast For Hope” with Warrine Bazow from Crisis Aid as our Keynote Speaker. Third Annual Cans For Hope Serenity Award presented to Sue Bradley, which Warrine accepted on her behalf. 
  • October: Fifth Annual Cans For Hope Sunday at High Way Community Church. 
  • December: Financial Support YTD $16,339.00.

Meet The Board

Barbara J. Murphy
Executive Director, Cans for Hope
Deanna DiDomenico
Past Senior Investment Analyst, Lincoln Financial Group
Steve Crowder
President at High Way Ministries International
Velma Henderson

Our Helpers

It is as simple as just one can

Your help can make a huge difference. Whether through your time, recyclables, or monetary donation, Cans for Hope will be able to help further our mission in the community and affect change for those struggling with the aftermath of sexual violence.