About Us

Cans For Hope is committed to restoring lost identities and repairing broken lives by addressing the root causes of a very real form of identity theft that has plagued many generations of young people. We raise funds for direct support of survivors of sexual violence, while providing education, advocacy, and support to end sexual crimes of all kinds.


Recycling Lives One Can at a Time

Cans for Hope is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of helping survivors of sexual violence restore hope and reclaim their lives.  To meet our mission, we set-up and facilitate recycling programs across the Front Range to generate funds and awareness around all forms of sexual violence and the inherent aftermath. 

Every survivor has the right to quality resources, but few can access the services they need.  Through our efforts, we are able to connect survivors with the help they need to speak about, heal from and thrive beyond trauma, to live their fullest, healthiest lives. Our support is directed towards organizations that provide assistance at no cost to the victims and their families. We endorse only established charities with proven track records in fighting this battle. 

Cans For Hope is lead by Executive Director, Barb Murphy and the Board of Directors.  Learn more about our leadership here.

Our History

We're dedicated to helping survivors of all types of sexual violence and the traumatic effects that follow.

Stats on Sexual Violence

1 in 12
children experience sexual victimization
of sexual assaults are not reported
1 in 5
women in the U.S. report being raped in their lifetime
of all child sexual abuse cases are due to incest
average number of U.S. victims every year


Our Belief: To stop the violence we need to start talking

The end of sexual violence, can only be accomplished by sharing the solution of prevention, awareness and education with more and more people. This builds momentum over time and changes the way our nation and culture care for, protect and nurture our children—the future leaders. While supporting survivors is our fundraising focus, it is imperative that we remain an active participant in the mission to end sexual violence.

Our Values

It is as easy as one aluminum can

Your help can make a huge difference. Whether through your time, recyclables, or monetary donation, Cans for Hope will be able to help further our mission in the community and affect change for those struggling with the aftermath of sexual violence.